We are a MarTech company that specialises on customer analytics for physical spaces

Our mission is to use technology to help high street transition to the new role of physical stores and gain a complete overview of the customer journey through powerful insights on costumers' behavior.

TrackIn was born to fill a gap in the consumer analytics market for offline spaces. There are many powerful tools to measure behavior online and we find necessary to offer the same quality of analytics for the offline environment. 

There are many powerful tools to measure behavior online and we find necessary to offer the same quality of analytics for the offline environment. 

What is the situation and challenges retailers and physical spaces are currently facing in the UK?

The role of physical spaces is changing; specially in retail

The role of offline stores is evolving towards a more experiential type of encounter but with the lack of information on what customers are now looking to find at physical stores, retailers are struggling to make changes and adapt accordingly.

Physical retailers losing market share to online-only businesses

Physical businesses, specially Brick & Mortars have not only lost market share to online retailers but have also struggle to remain competitive when it comes to offering a seamless shopping experience offline as they do online.

Shopping behavior is a physical and digital blended approach

The customers' journey that leads to a purchase now moves across both, online and offline touch points; problem is that physical spaces have no way of being accurately measured.

Brick & Mortar still account for the biggest sales in the UK

In the UK, where digital retail is particularly well advanced, people still like to visit physical stores, often as part of the digital and physical purchasing journey; High street sales accounted for the biggest share of sales, reaching £306.26bn in 2019 when compared with online-only sales.

Lack of tools offering offline metrics

Along with changes on consumer behavior, businesses have to adapt and meet customers need. The best way to know which steps to take next is with powerful offline insights - data is power

TrackIn SaaS was designed not only to help retail businesses but any organisation that wants to understand physical spaces.

Our cutting-edge technology can be implemented across various industries.

Offline analytics, mixed analytics and location-based marketing can benefit different businesses with  different range of objectives like optimization of physical spaces layout, increase staff efficiency when interacting with clients, insights on behavior, footfall count, dwell analysis, and enhance customer experience while visiting, in-site messaging and promotion.

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GDPR is very important to us..

At TrackIn our services are build with GDPR in mind and are secure by design.

We have worked closely with the ICO to build a 100% compliant service following specific guidelines for new technologies applied to marketing.

  • Our offline analitycs gather aggregated and statistical data only
  • Our mixed analytics rely on existing cookies policy.
  • Location-based marketing on offering content based on location and not on personal profiling.

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