Mixed Analytics

TrackIn Mixed Analytics will help you bridge your offline and online data sets for a complete overview of your customer's journey across different touch points.

What are Mixed Analytics?

 At TrackIn we are working hard to connect the dots between the offline and the online environments to offer, for the first time, a complete overview of the customers’ journey.

We connect the data gathered with our Offline Analytics service at your physical store with the information you have been obtaining from your existing online analytics tool.

By combining offline and online data sets with behavioral data from different touch points you will be able to understand what drives customers to your physical store, among many other variables.   

Now a days, customers’ journey that lead to a purchase is dynamic and goes through different channels along online and offline touch points.

It has been proved that the omnichannel strategies can only work when all of those touch points are covered and connected.

TrackIn is here to help connect the dots!

Our mixed analytics solution can provide insights such as:

  • Understand the correlation between online browsing and offline purchases.
  • Understand the correlation between offline traffic and online browsing.
  • Measure real impact of your online marketing efforts on your physical store.
  • Measure online traffic that later comes into your physical space.
  • Measure footfall that later goes to your website
  • Gain a complete overview of the customer journey for the first time.
  • Do attribution modelling more accurate and real.

Analytics made easy!

Plug & Play system

Hardware connects to your DVR and software is accessible on the cloud from any device.

GDPR Compliant

Compliant by design. We only collect aggregated data for statistical purposes.

Customised dashboard & reporting

Intuitive, easy to use, up to three years of saved data, easy data export.

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