Video analytics for physical spaces.

Accurate, Compliant and Easy to Implement.

TrackIn software will help you trace, track, collect and understand customer behavior in physical spaces.

Plug & Play system

TrackIn hardware connects to DVR and software is accessible on the cloud from any device.

GDPR Compliant

TrackIn software was built with GDPR in mind. We never collect personal or biometric data.

Customised dashboard & reporting

Intuitive, easy to use, up to three years of saved data, easy data export.

What is TrackIn software in a nutshell.

TrackIn is an AI powered video analytics software that connects to existing CCTV systems and provides powerful insights on customers' behavior in physical spaces. 
With TrackIn you can measure how many people pass by and go into your physical space, how long they stay, which areas they visit the most, which paths they take inside, how long they queue at check out, what products or areas they engage with the most, etc.

The features and reports

Footfall Count

Measure the number of people entering your physical space. Understand traffic and walking patterns.

By-passers count

Quantify the number of people passing by in comparison to the actual number of people that come into your space.

Time spent

Measure the amount of time customers spend inside, the same way it is done online.

Customer Flow

Measure and analyse the most popular routes inside your physical space to understand the different types of customers based on their journeys.

Heat Maps

Locate the areas with higher and lower traffic density and take decisions on space layout, distribution and display.

Dwell Analysis

Measure dwell times and how customers engage with specific products or areas to understand what is keeping them around.

Why invest on analytics for your physical spaces?

In the age of e-commerce where everything can be measured online, physical spaces are still the most important touch point between the customer and your product or service.

In retail for example, online complements the high street experience. In 2019 alone, 64% of UK customers favored high-street shopping over online shopping. Brick & Mortar business still account for the biggest share of sales in the UK (£306.26bn) when compared to online-only sales.

Physical spaces exist as places where customers can interact and engage with products or brands without necessarily completing a transaction.

Understanding how customers see and use your physical spaces can help you take informed business decisions and optimise your strategies.

How does TrackIn works

Industries that TrackIn technology can work with:

Shopping Centres



High Street Retail


Universities & Education Centres

Our cutting-edge technology can be implemented across various industries and sectors ranging from retail all the way to airports.

Offline analytics can benefit different businesses with a wide range of objectives such as optimization of physical spaces layout, staff efficiency when interacting with clients, insights on behavior, footfall, session duration, and can help enhance customer experience.

** We also provide one-time packages for  pop-up stores, fairs, conventions, events, etc.

We help you measure the effectiveness and success of your activities during short periods of time of your choice.

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