UK’s brick-and-mortar stores are seeing increased footfall in 2023. Are you prepared?

The UK retail industry is preparing for another challenging year. Retail stores are facing significant pressure to keep up with changing consumer preferences and as a result, the physicals store of 2023 is more focused on the customer experience than ever before. Retailers are investing heavily in technology and data analytics to provide a personalized […]

Technology Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping Experiences

Omnichannel retailing is essential in a time where many touchpoints are available to consumers and most are multichannel buyers. At present, consumers go through an average of 6 touchpoints before making a purchase, making the gap between these buying channels a point of friction. Retailer must bridge the gap between these different touchpoint as PWC’s […]

Is Your Brick-And-Mortar Store Ready for 2023?

Footfall into retail stores were 15.1% higher in 2022 in comparison to the year before. 19.7% more shoppers flocked the high streets and 13.4% visited shopping centres. This upward trend is expected to continue through 2023, therefore, it is crucial for retailers to focus on enhancing the physical retail experience in order to retain existing […]

Another Tough Year for Retail: How can Retailers Prepare of 2023?

With the ongoing inflation and the cost of living crisis, the first half of 2023 is expected to be another tough few months for retailers. However, the second half should see a growth of 3.6% to 4.7% compared with the 1% to 2.3% in the first half as inflation starts to slow and consumer confidence […]

Hybrid working: How Can Offices Keep Up With The Changes?

Traditional office spaces have always evolved to accommodate a business’ growth, new technology, and the turnover of staff. However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus transformed how offices operate. Staff worked solely from home during the multiple lockdowns, and two years later, most businesses are offering hybrid working, allowing staff to split their time between […]

2023: The Return of In-Store Shopping

The ONS reported a 40% growth in ecommerce in 2020 since consumers had no option but to shop online during times when the Covid-19 virus was prevalent. Fast forward to 2023, consumers are changing their shopping habits once again to manage pent up desire for experiences as well as finances during a time of economic […]

How are Cash Strapped Consumers Shopping this Christmas?

It seems as though Christmas 2022 is about making the right choices. With inflation at 11.1%, a 41-year high, consumers are forced to be thoughtful about how they spend their money. Some opting to spend less this Christmas by simply buying less food, drinks, and presents, while others are escaping on a holiday. With pent […]

Why Closing Brick-and-Mortar Stores Should be a Tough Decision

With the UK in a recession, the retail sector is once again suffering and retailers have had to make the tough decision to close stores in an effort to cut costs and improve profits. Case studies: H&M has closed 56 stores in the UK since its peak in the months before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak […]

Delivering this Festive Season? Here’s what your customers want

Consumers and retailers are both concerned about deliveries this festive season. Consumers are expecting fast, free, and reliable shipping while retailers are extending delivery times, increasing delivery fees, and working with new delivery partners to cope with rising costs and lack of staff. Not meeting consumer expectations will have negative impact on conversion. So, what […]