Why Closing Brick-and-Mortar Stores Should be a Tough Decision

With the UK in a recession, the retail sector is once again suffering and retailers have had to make the tough decision to close stores in an effort to cut costs and improve profits. Case studies: H&M has closed 56 stores in the UK since its peak in the months before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak […]

Delivering this Festive Season? Here’s what your customers want

Consumers and retailers are both concerned about deliveries this festive season. Consumers are expecting fast, free, and reliable shipping while retailers are extending delivery times, increasing delivery fees, and working with new delivery partners to cope with rising costs and lack of staff. Not meeting consumer expectations will have negative impact on conversion. So, what […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Predictions

Consumers’ economic uncertainty will not be the only factor affecting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Other factors such as the quality of the deals offered, length of sales and age group will also impact how retailers perform this festive season. 1) Consumer spending The rise of inflation and the cost of living crises are […]

Brick-and-mortar retailing is not dead

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and offline retail stores were forced to close temporarily, consumers had no choice but to shop online. It was believed to be the end of brick-and-mortar retailing as consumers were becoming increasingly accustomed and comfortable with the convenience of online shopping.   However, fast forward two years, physical retail is […]

The Benefits of Pop-up Store: Why Are They Absolutely Everywhere?

Pop-up stores are popping up all around us. They are by online retailers wanting to move offline; and they are also by established brands offering an experience to consumers. They are absolutely everywhere and here’s why retailers are choosing pop-up stores over permanent ones: Cost-effective. The obvious cost saver in a pop-up store is rent. […]

AI use in brick-and-mortar retail

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market in retail is expected to grow from $5 billion in 2021 to over $31 billion in by 2028, at a CAGR of 30.5%. The reason? AI is automating tasks with speed and efficiency, helping retailers make better business decisions where they’re able to save costs and discover opportunities. Let’s […]

Data backed marketing to improve personalisation and delight shoppers

Suppose you’ve spent countless months and resources creating a product; now it’s time to put it on the shelves. What are you going to do to ensure a successful launch? For a successful marketing campaign, you need to first clearly define your target audience. From your market research you know who this product is made […]

Virtual Stores: What are the pros and cons for retailers?

Retailers are using VR and AR technologies to create ecommerce stores, known as virtual stores, allowing consumers to browse for products as they would in store. The aim is to bridge the gap between online and physical stores giving shoppers a true omnichannel experience. Advantages: Higher sales. Virtual stores are a more practical choice for […]

Amazon’s “Just Walk Out Technology”: Is it Worth the Price Tag?

Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology allows shoppers to leave a store without checking out. A combination of 3D cameras and scanners recognise products that have been purchased and charges the shopper automatically through the app; and an itemised receipt is sent promptly. This eliminates the need for long queues, makes checkout a more seamless, and […]

Data Storage: The risks and Issues

The amount of data being stored is increasing exponentially. And with it increases the risks and issues with data storage, for both retailers and consumers. Retailers: Storage space: Data needs to stored somewhere, leaving data owners no option but to invest in high tech servers or cloud storage. For in house storage, IT teams need […]