Innovation by choice can be the answer to recover from Covid-19 pandemic

Innovation can take the form of a product, a process, a way of working or doing things, an organizational structure, a recruitment method, a business or revenue model, or even how you motivate your employees. Here is where creativity, observation and data analysis can help enhance business innovation. There are two ways to approach innovation […]

3 Types of Mid and Post Pandemic Spenders

  The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers shop. Different types of consumers have emerged from the crises, each with their own unique needs. Revenge spenders, for example, don’t need a motive to spend but delighting them with an optimal brand experience will help retailers gain long term loyalty. Resetter spenders on the other […]

Consumer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores during Covid-19 and 2021 predictions.

COVID-19 retail shopping

    Key Takeaway:     UK consumer sentiment has improved to post pandemic levels.   61% of UK population have either been financially unaffected or saved money during the pandemic.   UK population have £12.8bn as savings.   As we look forward to coming out of lockdown and (hopefully the final) reopening of non-essential […]