Social Media Selling: Advantages for both Consumers and Retailers

Social media has become more than a just a touchpoint in the consumer journey. It is now a place where shoppers can discover products, obtain relevant information quickly, and make purchases all the while enjoying the entertainment it offers. Significant consumer activity emerged on platforms such as Facebook (55%), Instagram (54%), YouTube (49%), TikTok (32%) […]

10 Christmas Marketing Campaigns Ideas That Are Designed to Improve Sales

    Christmas season is shopping season! Online or offline, commerce will surge as people prepare for the festive season. At such a crucial time, well-designed marketing campaigns can improve footfall, strengthen customer relationships and significantly improve sales. Here are some ideas for Christmas marketing:       1. Review previous campaigns     In […]

6 proven content marketing ideas for retailers

    Content marketing can be fun for creative people capable of thinking outside of the box. Clever marketeers engage consumers by delivering information in creative ways. So, when done right, content marketing can benefit your business immensely by creating long lasting customer relationships. The end goal is to create a community of likeminded people […]

Content marketing: where does it go?

A customer interacts with a brand roughly 20 times before making a purchase; and the post-pandemic consumers visit more than just the brick-and-mortar stores and retailers’ website for inspiration. That is the reason businesses must have a robust content marketing strategy at each stage of the customer’s journey. Failing to leave a favourable impression at […]